Show/Hide Project Audio — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Show/Hide Project Audio

Shows or hides the project audio browser. There is a button in the control bar — one of the browser collection — that can be used to show the project audio.

The browsers (and the commands) show evidence of being added to and changed over time. Project Audio is clumped with browsers, but not called a browser. “Media” browser has no command available to show or hide, just clicking on the “Media” tab in the audio/media/file browser.

There is a command sequence on the Logic Control — SHIFT-F8 — that is mapped to ‘Show/Hide Project Audio’. A bit of reading in the Control Surfaces manual leads us to the term ‘Audio Bin’ which is now known as ‘Project Audio’.

A lot of the Logic workflow can be inferred when reading _old_ documentation.

- Global Commands
Show/Hide Loop Browser O
Show/Hide File Browser
Show/Hide Project Audio

- Main Window Tracks
Show/Hide Browsers F

Select All Orphan Aliases — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Select All Orphan Aliases

Selects all orphaned aliases (MIDI alias regions where the original has been removed).

It takes a lot of work (many dialog responses) to orphan an alias. Not sure how you could get very many, but some workflows are different.

Create MIDI aliases in the Logic Pro Tracks area — Apple Support

In Logic Pro, choose Functions > Region Alias > Select Orphan Aliases (or use the corresponding key command).

Flatten Track Stack for Selected Channel Strips — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Flatten Track Stack for Selected Channel Strips

Removes the tracks from the track stack, and remove the stack channel strip from the mixer. NB that when you remove a stack the channel strip _moves_ to the normal location for an AUX channel or a VCA.

I assume that there is a separate command for this when working in the mixer since there really aren’t any tracks to work with.

In the standard configuration of Logic Pro X the ‘Flatten Stack – ⇧⌘U’ command has no overloaded commands, so you could assign the same keyboard sequence to the ‘Flatten Track Stack for Selected Channel Strips’. I have done this and don’t see any particular downside. The same can be true for ‘Create Track Stack for Selected Channel Strips — ⇧⌘D’.

Change View — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Change View

Cycle through the view modes, linear, wrapped, and page, of the Score Editor window. The commands are available in the ‘View’ local menu (View Mode), and using the three view mode buttons located in the tool strip/bar at the top of the score window. ‘Page View’ has its own, separate command — control-P.

The typical sizing of the Score Editor window doesn’t have sufficient width to display the view buttons on the tool bar. They are located to the right of the ‘View’ dropdown menu.

View tracks as music notation in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can also change the view using the View > View Mode menu commands in the Score Editor menu bar.

Reactivate Upbeat Event Playback — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Reactivate Upbeat Event Playback

Nothing in the documentation…zip

Closest thing I found was in a Reddit conversation –

– There is a new menu item “Reactivate Upbeat Event Playback” to allow MIDI notes that are ¼ note or less before the start of a region to play, in cases where the left edge of the region has been edited.

but I should have read the release notes — the reddit post is the release notes.

The command is in the contextual MIDI menu in the tracks area. If you modify a MIDI region the command becomes active.

My assumption is that if I modify a region causing an upbeat event to be “removed” this command will cause the region to include the upbeat if it is there.