Note Taking with Markers in Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

I try to make notes (not musical) while working on mixes. When something catches my attention I want to be able to find that location quickly when I get to the detailed work. Markers make that possible.

When I got my X-Touch (Mackie Control) I quickly got used to putting it into “Large Marker” mode. Press “SHIFT/MARKER” to enter. I get “buttons” that allow me to create and delete markers as the audio progresses. Exit “Large Marker” mode by pressing “MARKER” again.

On the Mac I can use keyboard commands to accomplish the same marker create/delete actions

  • Create Marker — ⌥’ — option-single-quote
  • Create Marker without rounding — ⌃⌥’ — control-option-single-quote
  • Create Marker for selected regions — ⌥⇧’ — option-shift-single-quote
  • Rename Marker — ⇧’ — shift-single-quote

The simplest way I have found to make markers as notes is using keyboard commands and typing.

Make sure that the focussed view in Logic contains a timeline — like the Arrangement window.

Start playback.

Press ‘Create Marker’ followed by ‘Rename Marker’. Type your comments. Press ‘return’ or escape to finish the comment.

Repeat as necessary. That’s all there is to it.

Once you are ready to do the detailed work in the project you can jump to each location and do the work.

I like to leave my comment markers in place along with notes about what I did to “fix” things.

With multiple marker sets possible I can have a detailed history of my work with marker sets like

  • First Listen
  • Balance Mix
  • detailed work
  • Final Mix

I also try to remember to use Project Notes and Track Notes to “keep track” of things. I can use “Screenset 9” to have the marker list open along with the Notes panel. Easy to read and update. It would be nice if the Project/Track Notes editor could be opened in a separate window. Maybe someday.

I believe detailed note-taking is an important part of becoming a professional. What, where, when, why. Show your work.