What’s a studio intern? The un-paid (or minimally) do anything and everything to get a chance to work in the studio and hopefully get the hands on learning that seems to have “made” lots of people.

Our studios rooms (maybe even closets) in our homes these days. No groups of people working, hanging out, sharing gossip and ideas. An online community is the best we get.

I don’t think that any of the online communities completely fills the bill, the most glaring part is the personal contact with other interns, performers, and the folks that make it all happen. The video lecture is OK, somewhat. The forums are OK, somewhat, but they just don’t feel right.

I’m trying to build my textbooks and references from online, with some Slack channel entertainment to maybe communicate a bit differently than a forum, tweets and the unfortunate “go-to” of Facebook.

I quit all the Facebook groups. Still have my Twitter account @studioIntern1, and trying the blogging path to keep me updating a public space.

I run some Slack groups. If there’s any real interest I’ll share ways to get connected there. Not even going to try comments in a blog or threads on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube.

A not-so-grand experiment.