Using Groups

Speculation on the utility of Groups in a world of Track Stacks

Some days it is good to have a softball command. The ‘Toggle Hide Group’ commands show or hide channels that belong to a particular group. Very useful. There are only 32 groups, so this command is a futures command.

Group hiding affects both mixer windows and track windows. This is good for keeping things visually oriented.

I usually think of groups as things that want to be edited together, or treat as a virtual AUX that gets parameters adjusted as a unit. I use Track Stacks to treat the audio as a group, so the changing of parameter in sync isn’t a typical use case for me.

If I consider groups as logical collections of tracks (instruments, voices) that might want to be treated as a whole I can make groups cross Track Stacks. Groups like “Deep Reverb”, “Move position on outro”, “Mute during bridge” or what have you. This could be very useful as a production or mixing tool.

Food for thought.