Secrets of the Emagic ‘logic control’

I have a Behringer X-Touch — a fantastic clone of the Mackie Control Universal. Behringer documentation is scant at best. The definitive guide is the “Logic Pro X Control Surface Support” manual, chapter 4.

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Interesting reading, simplified a bit over time. Things are not always documented.

  • option-fader bank right/left — jump to last/first fader. Easily gets to the last or first channel/fader. Full mode is enabled while holding down the OPTION button. This way, you can jump to the last track by pressing OPTION and BANK RIGHT, for example.

Found the MIDI implementation sheet, and description of the switches and LEDs (controller values)

On my Mac I can use the ‘send midi’ command to flash the CONTROL light like this

 sendmidi dev X-Touch raw hex 90 48 01

More to learn.