Logic Pro X Plug-Ins: Compressor, Limiter and Other Dynamic Tools

Logic Pro X Plug-Ins: Compressor, Limiter and Other Dynamic Tools:

Using Logic Pro X to control the dynamics of your overall mix as well as individual instruments is a crucial fundamental of mixing. Logic Pro’s compressor is your main tool for controlling dynamics as well as for effect. Compressors work well on individual sounds, groups of instruments or sounds, and even the entire mix. There are many types of dynamic control, include limiting, multiband compression, de-essing, gating, envelope shaping, side chaining, and parallel compression. Here, you learn how to use the dynamics tools of Logic Pro to create powerful and interesting mixes.

By Graham English

Show/Hide Event List — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Show/Hide Event List

Open/Close the Event List on the right side of the Arrange window. This has no effect on the Event List window that is created by dragging the Event header from the lists display.

Event List overview — Logic Pro X:

The Event List is the most powerful, flexible, and complete MIDI editor in Logic Pro. All MIDI event types are listed alphanumerically in the Event List.


6 Times to Automate EQ for Effect

6 Times to Automate EQ for Effect:

For mixing engineers and producers alike, it pays to become intimately acquainted with the virtues of automation. Swooping sounds from left to right, enhancing emotion with level boosts, or fixing complicated problems with real-time adjustments—all of these moves separate the quotidian from the marvelous.

But riddle me this: how often do you think about automating EQ? Perhaps not as often as you should, for automating EQ can create both dramatic and transparent effects. Whether creating something truly bespoke for your mix, or cheating an element forward/backward for the master, a bit of active, automated EQ sculpting can be a serious boon, if done well.

Here are some instances where you can employ the practice.