Cycle Through Windows (counter-clockwise) ⇧⌘` — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Cycle Through Windows (counter-clockwise)  ⇧⌘`

Bring a window to the front (focus). I have worked with Logic Pro on a large screen almost exclusively. With my newest portable studio I will have a more restricted screen space (laptop) so I should learn to cycle the windows.

‘Cycle Through Windows’, ‘Cycle Through Window Views’ — keyboard commands for the small screens.

I need to compare window cycling vs. Screenset switching.

Open and close Logic Pro windows — Apple Support

Only one window can have key focus at a given time, this is called the active window. When several normal windows overlap, the active window is the window in the foreground. The title of the window with key focus is black (the titles of other open windows are gray). Inside a window, the area with key focus (for example, the Tracks area) is bordered by a blue frame.

In the Logic Pro main window, different areas can be given key focus by clicking the background or title bar of the window, or by using a tool in the window. Key commands only affect the window or area with key focus.

Toggle Hide Group 53 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Toggle Hide Group 53

Hide/un-hide group 53. This command is bogus. There are only 32 groups possible. Maybe someday…but who can remember 53 different groups?

Always a good time to consider the utility of groups and how workflows can be streamlined (or complicated.)

Overview of groups in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Prior to mixing, you may find it useful to define some logical channel strip groups. You could, for example, group all drum channel strips under one drum group. This would allow you to control the group meters (volume, pan, mute, solo, sends, and so on) using a single control, while still maintaining the relative parameter values of each channel strip.

Set Default Region/Cell Parameters by Region/Cell/Folder — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Set Default Region/Cell Parameters by Region/Cell/Folder

This is how we get different settings for the MDI region defaults. Good to know.

Logic Pro Region inspector — Apple Support

If no region is selected, the upper line of the Region inspector displays the text Default Settings. The region parameter settings displayed are applied to newly recorded regions as realtime playback settings.