Delete Lane Set — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

Delete Lane Set

No default key command.

In the Step Editor you can create multiple lane sets. Fascinating reading. A different way to edit MIDI data, useful for creating patterns.

Way more powerful than the “Magic Drumstick” and the “Pulse Window” that I remember from Opcode Vision.

Mackie Control Markers

All about markers, especially creating them from the MCU.

Press the “Marker” button and hold. The secrets of the V-pots are revealed.

I use “Large Marker” mode to listen to new tracks.

Easiest to “quote” the relevant pages from the Control Surfaces manual

Mackie Control Marker button

Mackie Control Marker button overview

Press the MARKER button to activate one of three marker modes: Small Marker mode, Large Marker mode, and Temporary Marker mode. You can use these modes to create or delete markers and jump to markers in your project.

Note: The Marker and Nudge modes are mutually exclusive; activating one deactivates the other.

Small Marker mode: Press the MARKER button to activate Small Marker mode. Small Marker mode is useful if you want to jump to markers while using the V-Pots for other purposes. In this mode, pressing the FAST FWD or REWIND button moves the playhead to the next or previous marker. Pressing the MARKER button again reverts to the default behavior of the FAST FWD and REWIND buttons. (See Mackie Control transport buttons overview.)

Large Marker mode: Hold down the SHIFT button, then press the MARKER button to show three create options on the LCD, assigned to the three rightmost V-Pot buttons. (See Large Marker mode.)

Temporary Marker mode: Hold down the MARKER button if you want to enter Marker mode temporarily to quickly perform a few marker functions. Press one (or more) of the V-Pot[…]”

Excerpt From: Apple Inc. “Logic Pro X Control Surfaces Support.” iBooks.

— Action

V-Pot 1 to 5
— Displays the first five markers by name. Pressing a V-Pot button moves the playhead to the corresponding marker. When the playhead position is inside a marker, the lower line displays INSIDE, and the V-Pot LED ring is lit.

V-Pot 6
— Cr w/o—Creates a marker, without rounding to the nearest bar.

V-Pot 7
— Create—Creates a marker, rounded to the nearest bar.

V-Pot 8
— Delete—Deletes the marker above the current playhead position.

A recommended workflow for creating or deleting markers is to use the Jog/Scrub Wheel. Turn the wheel to move the playhead to the required project position, and then press the appropriate V-Pot to create or delete a marker.

For coarse placement, use the wheel to move the playhead.

For fine placement, press the SCRUB button, then use the wheel to precisely position the playhead. (This technique is only appropriate if creating or deleting an unrounded marker.)

For more information about using the Jog/Scrub Wheel, see Mackie Control Jog/Scrub wheel.

Large Marker mode is ended by pressing the MARKER button again.

Excerpt From: Apple Inc. “Logic Pro X Control Surfaces Support.

Keyboard Skin

I got this wonderful present from my sweetie — a command keyboard skin

My education will continue. I have a goal to understand why the keys are grouped by color-coding. I understand the red one for the big “R” of record. What wonders do the others hold.

Part of the reason that I want to become very familiar with keyboard commands is to be able to re-map my extended keyboard without screwing myself up.

I like markers. I use them. Typically I use buttons on my X-Touch to move between them, or the nifty “Go to next marker and set locators (⌥. — option-period)

Markers by numbers? Just don’t use it. Why waste 20 keyboard commands on marker movement (keypad 1-9 and ⌃0-⌃9). I also don’t do a lot of step-editing of notes with velocity changes, so there’s lots of things I can do.

Go to Marker Number 2 (𝍖 2) — Logic Pro X Keyboard Command of the Day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

𝍖 2 — keypad 2

𝍖 key was hard to find

Markers by numbers. 20 of them! The idea and concept of jumping around in audio by a number makes no sense to me. Jump to arrangement position (chorus, verse), del signo, even bar numbers for reading a score.

I use markers. I listen to mixes and drop markers where I want to go look. Best for me for listening is to listen on headphones and use the X-Touch (MCU) for transport and inserting markers. Don’t look at the tracks at all.

I posted an entry with the excerpt from the manual — Mackie Control Markers

NB — I have removed all 20 of the keypad go to marker commands. I will eventually find a suitable set of commands to place there. Why waste 20 good key commands? If I want to get to a marker by number I can just use “Go to Marker Number (⌥/ — option-/) and enter the number. I am more likely to use next/previous marker with the set locators feature (Go to next marker and set locators) — option-comma and option-period (⌥, and ⌥.) think left/right