Understanding Logic Pro’s Environment

Understanding Logic Pro’s Environment:

The Environment is the core of Logic. It can be the cause of a lot of confusion (and even fear!) for new and even more experienced Logic users. In the first of three tutorials that focus on the Environment I’m going to explain exactly what the Environment is and why it makes Logic the most flexible and advanced MIDI sequencing package on the market.

Using Logic Pro’s Transformer Object

Using Logic Pro’s Transformer Object:

The Transformer object in the Environment is one of the most powerful tools Logic has to offer. With a little bit of MIDI know-how, it can become an incredibly powerful creative tool. In the second part of this Environment series we’re going to look at the basic concept of how the Transformer interprets and manipulates MIDI messages. Even if you don’t have Logic, there’s some useful information about MIDI as well.

Logic and The Environment, Part 1: The Simple Truths : Ask.Audio

Logic and The Environment, Part 1: The Simple Truths : Ask.Audio:

Many Logic users fear to tread in the environment. Feeding the fear are long-standing misconceptions about what the environment is and how (supposedly) complicated it is. And more than a few people have paid tribute to the environment by visiting internet forums and expressing their heart’s desire that in future versions of Logic, we will no longer find an environment.

Open Audio Preferences… — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Open Audio Preferences…

Opens “Preferences” with the “Audio” tab selected. I don’t think I would ever map the command to a key press. To me it’s like the air fryer — set it and forget it.