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Select Project 12 — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Select Project 12

Selects the twelfth project that is open. Not particularly useful. Probably a bad idea to have that many projects open. Maybe this is a holdover from trying to do live performance of sets of songs? How do you order or rank them?

Open Logic Pro projects — Apple Support

You can open an existing project to continue working. You can also open several projects simultaneously, allowing you to copy or move data between them, or to compare different versions of a project.

Just say no.

Clear Cables only ⌃⌫ — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Clear Cables only    ⌃⌫

Remove the cables from the current selection in the Environment.

Cable Environment objects in in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Choose Edit > Clear Cables only to remove the selected cables, without clearing any objects that happen to be selected.

This is useful when you want to clear all cables leading to, or from, one or more objects, due to the fact that selecting objects also selects all associated cable connections.

Crop Regions/Cells Outside Locators/Playable Range or Marquee Selection ⌘\ ⌘3⃣ — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Crop Regions/Cells Outside Locators/Playable Range or Marquee Selection    ⌘\    ⌘3⃣

Just like cropping a photo — remove everything outside the selected boundary, typically the Marquee Selection.

The _legend_ on the Touch Bar is a little crop image as found in visual editors.

Select parts of regions in the Logic Pro Tracks area — Apple Support

Only the part of the region inside the marquee is selected, letting you select inside, or across portions of, regions. You can perform most edits, such as moving, cutting, copying, and deleting, in the selected area. After editing, the selected area becomes a new, separate region. The marquee selection uses the current Tracks area Snap value.

Create Flex Marker At Playhead Position — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Create Flex Marker At Playhead Position

Adds a new flex marker at the current playhead position. This is one of the editing commands I would never have dreamed of being possible. As I read about Flex Time and positioning things I can only think about all of the videos I have seen yammering about how great ProTools is at editing parts to put them in the pocket, or make them fit better.

Flex Time editing in Logic Pro X seems like a much easier way to accomplish the goal of _improving_ the performance of one of the players.

Snapping markers to transients in _other_ regions seems especially cool.

Time stretch using flex markers in Logic Pro — Apple Support

In the Tracks area, you edit the timing of audio material using flex markers. After adding flex markers to an audio region, you use them to time stretch—compress or expand—the audio material. The boundaries within which this is done are determined by the preceding and following flex markers, or the region start and end positions if there are no preceding and following flex markers.
You can also use transients in other audio regions as reference poi

Send All Current Fader Values — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Send All Current Fader Values

Send everything that we have. Essentially sets everything to the currently displayed settings.

Probably very useful when trying to program the environment and wanting to have a known state of things.

Special functions in the Logic Pro Environment — Apple Support

Sending fader values: Choose Options > Send All Fader Values (or use the Send All Current Fader Values key command) to make all fader objects send their current values. Choose Options > Send Selected Fader Values to make all selected fader objects send their current values.