Toggle Current Track Automation Off/Read ⌃⌘O ⌃:three: — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Toggle Current Track Automation Off/Read    ⌃⌘O    ⌃:three:

The weird looking :three: is the symbol for touch bar button number three.

Changes the automation for the track. If you start with automation off like I do this is a handy way to turn it on for the current channel. There is also a keyboard command for toggling Latch/Read — ⌃⌘A

Choose automation modes — Logic Pro X:

Automation modes determine how automation tracks are treated. Automation is either being read or being written. You can independently set the automation mode for each track. You can also trim automation values and record relative automation data.


Do You Need A Subwoofer to Mix Music?

Do You Need A Subwoofer to Mix Music?:

An experienced engineer can track, mix, and master records with very little—a few plug-ins, good converters, and yes, even a pair of headphones. Listen to an episode of The Mastering Show featuring Glenn Schick, an engineer who mastered J Cole’s KOD on a pair of headphones and a mobile rig.

But there is also the sense of wanting more gear, and to this I can attest: in recent years, I’ve expanded my mastering practice, working on projects for artists like Leland Sundries, Morphous, Pete Mancini, and others. Before I made the choice to get a sub, it was always more of a guessing game when it came to low-end. Relentless checks on cars, headphones, the consumer hi-fi, and more were required before sending out the final product.

Which led me to the question of the day: do you need a subwoofer?

After all, many great, inexpensive monitors extend to the lower frequencies. Focal, Avantone, and others have models that go down to 35 Hz and below. Headphones from Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, and Audeze easily reach down that low—some go even lower.

So what can a subwoofer get you that headphones cannot?