The Reason Why You Can’t Hear Your Bass On Small Speakers

The Reason Why You Can’t Hear Your Bass On Small Speakers — Bobby Owsinski’s Music Production Blog:

Most of the time the problem comes from misunderstanding exactly what frequencies affect the bass instrument. Too many times we think that it’s the frequencies below 100Hz (especially 60Hz) that provide the bass we need. While it’s quite true that those frequencies are important for what we might call the girth of the sound, they won’t reproduce well on small speakers, and that’s where the problem lies. In other words, EQing too low.

Below 100Hz Girth

120Hz to 200Hz Bottom

250Hz to 320Hz Low-end definition

700Hz Body

1kHz to 1.5kHz High-end definition

2.5kHz to 3kHz String noise/buzz

Go to Marker Number 3 3 — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Go to Marker Number 3    3

Markers are so useful. I try to make it a habit to “drop markers” during listening passes. If I hear something I want to investigate put a marker there.

I still don’t like navigating by numbers, but so it is. I deleted all of the keyboard commands like the one listed.

I a practicing creating markers (⌥’) and typing anything I need to remind me. If I position the cursor in just the right place in the marker list I can do it…

When I am simply listening and balancing busses I use the X-Touch in marker mode and press the V-pot to create the markers.

Navigate using markers — Logic Pro X:

You can navigate through your project using markers. This is useful when you want to quickly jump to, and edit, regions or events at a specific position in your project, for example.


OneDrive as a Storage Space

Not sure. Lots to discover.

Moved OneDrive to external disk. Installed some big software (Studio One) onto the space. I think it will work.

Hard to tell. Lots of scenarios.

First omes seem OK.

KUTX » Valley Maker: “Light On The Ground”

KUTX » Valley Maker: “Light On The Ground”:

Like it or not, SXSW is officially in full swing! Joining the thousands of musicians making their annual pilgrimage is Seattle singer-songwriter Austin Crane, best known as Valley Maker. Crane began landscaping Valley Maker’s indie folk sound with his 2010 self-titled debut that also doubled as his senior thesis project at the University of South Carolina. Crane hurdled over creative crests and came out on top with 2015’s When I Was A Child. Most recently he went deeper into the sonic canyon with 2018’s Rhododendron, an album engrained in nature and Crane’s most cohesive record to date.

Two good ones in one day. I like it when SXSW is happening.

In the past I actually downloaded the thousands of tracks that were submitted. Have no idea why. Better to let the taste-makers shape my ears.

I would expect to hear this on Radio Paradise someday.

Cinematic Orchestra: “To Believe” featuring Moses Sumney | Today’s Top Tune | Free Online Music Streaming | KCRW | KCRW

Cinematic Orchestra: “To Believe” featuring Moses Sumney | Today’s Top Tune | Free Online Music Streaming | KCRW | KCRW:

British electronic duo Cinematic Orchestra return with their first album in a dozen years. Exploring the timeless question of what to believe, Cinematic Orchestra invite several guests including Moses Sumney on “To Believe.”

This is a wonderful soundscape.