Flex Tool X — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Flex Tool    X

I have not enjoyed the experience of editing audio to correct for timing inconsistencies. Everything I have seen or heard about editing drums make it seem like a nightmare. The Flex Tool looks like it makes editing simple and straightforward. Using Groups with editing enabled seems like it would make that a lot easier.

This makes me wonder about quantizing the audio files? Does that do something “interesting”?

Time stretch using the Flex tool — Logic Pro X:

The Flex tool gives you quick access to basic Flex Time editing functionality, without having to turn on Flex view. When you click a region with the Flex tool for the first time, a transient detection process is performed on the audio material and the most suitable flex algorithm is chosen.


Logic Pro | F is For Flex and Feel

Logic Pro | F is For Flex and Feel:

Finding the right feel for our music is an incredibly important part of getting it to sound right. Fortunately, Logic has a lot of tools to help us control, correct, and capture the feel of our performances. Among the tools in our toolbox are Fex Time, and the ability to make custom groove templates.

Show/Hide Help Tags — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Show/Hide Help Tags

Displays handy pop-up help when you move the cursor over buttons, tools, etc.

It can get pretty annoying if it is on all of the time, but I do tend to turn it on when working in an area that I am not completely familiar with (all of Logic?)

I still think “Smart Help” in Logic Remote is a great idea, even if a bit distracting. Like Help Tags the iPad brings up the relevant page in the Logic help files.

I found the “Quick Help Follows Pointer” control and assigned a keyboard command to it. When Quick Help is active, and you issue the command, the help will show up in the Inspector area instead of presenting a yellow bubble. The Quick Help inspector can be dragged out to give a floating help window. I need test Quick Help with Screensets.

The Quick Help function/window is global. The state of Quick Help persists across all Screensets.

How to get help — Logic Pro X:

Logic Pro provides several ways for you to get answers to questions, learn about controls and functions while you’re working, and view detailed information about all aspects of the application. You can also view information directly in the application using the Quick Help feature.


KUTX » Matt Kivel: “The Tower”

KUTX » Matt Kivel: “The Tower”:

Although he first got his start providing bass and vocals for LA indie outfit Princeton, Matt Kivel is also a hell of a songwriter in his own right. Since his decision to go solo in 2013, Kivel has put out four albums and he recorded his upcoming record from a temporary home right here in Austin. last night in america features minimalist arrangements and instrumentation performed entirely by Kivel himself. This latest offering is a haunting and endearing meld of Americana, folk, lo-fi and ambient, begging for another listen immediately after the first.

My “other” song of the day podcast from Austin, Texas. I really like the soundstage. Kind of reminiscent of some Michael Hedges recordings.

Pre-release. Added it to the music library, so when it comes out it will be available for me to listen to,