KUTX » Matt Kivel: “The Tower”

KUTX » Matt Kivel: “The Tower”:

Although he first got his start providing bass and vocals for LA indie outfit Princeton, Matt Kivel is also a hell of a songwriter in his own right. Since his decision to go solo in 2013, Kivel has put out four albums and he recorded his upcoming record from a temporary home right here in Austin. last night in america features minimalist arrangements and instrumentation performed entirely by Kivel himself. This latest offering is a haunting and endearing meld of Americana, folk, lo-fi and ambient, begging for another listen immediately after the first.

My “other” song of the day podcast from Austin, Texas. I really like the soundstage. Kind of reminiscent of some Michael Hedges recordings.

Pre-release. Added it to the music library, so when it comes out it will be available for me to listen to,