New Drummer Track ⌥⌘U ⌃8⃣- Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

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  New Drummer Track    ⌥⌘U    ⌃8⃣

Create a new Drummer Track. You can use the Library to change drummers and choose from styles. Another serendipitous command. Starting work on a song that needs a new drum track.

Get started with Drummer in Logic Pro — Apple Support

To work with Drummer, you add a Drummer track to the project. A Drummer track is similar to a software instrument track, but it contains only Drummer regions, rather than MIDI regions. Both track and region parameters can be edited in the Drummer Editor.


Create Marker for Selected Regions ⌥⇧’ — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

#LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Create Marker for Selected Regions    ⌥⇧'

I need to use this command a bit more. When I first add tracks to a project for mixing I need to create a structural view of the song (I should, do this, I don’t often do it).

One of the early tasks I do is to strip silence from tracks which helps me focus on the parts of something like a vocal. This would be perfect for getting makers set quickly.

NB you can have multiple, different marker sets.

Add markers in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can add a marker at any position in your project. When you create a marker, it can be rounded to the nearest quarter note, to the nearest bar, or not rounded.


Customize Control Bar and Display… — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

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  Customize Control Bar and Display…

Opens the configuration panel for the Control Bar (drops down from the display). Many options. I have been in the mode of having far too many buttons and displays on the Control Bar. Distracting. I recently learned that I can “push” the control bar off of the main window by dragging it up. The real value comes if the Control Bar and Display settings are “per screenset” as opposed to global for all main windows.

I have just finished reading early chapters of the Logic Pro 9 manual. Specifically the “Working with Projects” and “Basic Operations” chapters. “Working with Projects” led me to ask questions about the displays in screensets. This command fits perfectly.

The state of Control Bar visibility is per screenset. The customization of the Control Bar is per screenset. The state of the “floating Transport” window is per screenset (it should be properly called floating Control Bar). The configuration of the “floating Transport” and the Control Bar are independent, per screenset.

Customize the Logic Pro control bar — Apple Support

The control bar offers a default set of buttons and other controls, providing commonly used options. In the center of the control bar is the LCD, which shows the playhead position and the project tempo, key, and time signature.


New Mapped Instrument — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

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  New Mapped Instrument

You need to be working in the MIDI Environment.

Mapped instruments in the Logic Pro Environment — Apple Support

A mapped instrument is particularly useful for drum instruments or any drum-mode MIDI device. A drum-mode device has different sounds assigned to different MIDI notes, but only uses a single MIDI channel; for example, a drum kit loaded into the Sampler, or MIDI channel 10 of a GM-compliant sound module, or a drum machine.