Convert Sustain Pedal to Note Length — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Convert Sustain Pedal to Note Length

This is such a handy thing to know. I have often seen complaints about notes not properly sustaining when played on a random MIDI device. Not all devices have the ability to turn on sustain when the pedal on event occurs, and to turn it off when the pedal off event occurs. No problem. Note plays.

Resize notes in the Piano Roll Editor in Logic Pro — Apple Support

In Logic Pro, choose Functions > Convert Sustain Pedal to Note Length in the Piano Roll Editor menu bar.

All sustain pedal events (controller #64) used on selected note events are analyzed, and the note events are increased in length. This increase matches the controller #64 (sustain pedal) off message position.

The pedal events (controller #64 on and off) are erased after use of this command.

Delete and Select Next Region/Event — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Delete and Select Next Region/Event

Deletes the selected region(s)/event(s) and selects the next region.

When you delete a region with the Erase tool or the delete key only the selected regions are deleted. There is no longer a selection.

Delete regions in the Logic Pro Tracks area — Apple Support

You can delete one or more regions if you don’t want to use them in your project. When you delete a region, you can move the regions that follow in the track to fill in the empty space left by the deleted region.

Drag Mode: Overlap — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Drag Mode: Overlap

In the popup help that is displayed when hovering the mouse pointer over this command this text is shown:

Also available as a menu item in a menu which can be opened in the Control Header

Finally. A useful name for the “Tracks area menu bar”. The Control Header is in no way a menu bar, and I always go looking for things in THE menu bar.

Sets the Drag Mode to “Overlap”.

Preserves the current region borders when you drag one region over another.

Very useful setting if working on someone else’s project. Accidental changing of regions isn’f a good thing.

Use drag modes in Logic Pro — Apple Support

In Logic Pro, choose one of the following modes from the Drag pop-up menu in the Tracks area menu bar:

Region Automation: Portamento Time — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Region Automation: Portamento Time

One of the many MIDI messages that can be automated. Creating an automation point adds an event with the control change message. Portamento Time is a required feature of the General MIDI GM2 specification.

From the MIDI specification (1996)

Portamento Control (PTC) is a recent addition, and defines a continuous controller that communicates which note number the subsequent note is gliding from. It is intended for special effects in playing back pre-sequenced material, so that legato with portamento may be realized while in Poly mode.

General MIDI 2 (GM 2)

– Portamento Time (cc#5)

Control Change Messages (Data Bytes)

5 00000101 05 Portamento Time 0-127 MSB

Quick Sampler: Getting started with Logic Pro X’s new sampler — 9to5Mac

Quick Sampler: Getting started with Logic Pro X’s new sampler — 9to5Mac

Logic Pro X 10.5’s new Quick Sampler completely changes the way users interact with the audio and creative resources around them. It perfectly accommodates a popular instant sampling workflow where producers pull sounds from anywhere — recorded off a phone, stolen off the internet, clipped from an Apple’s library, etc — and then loop, chop, pitch, and program them into interesting musical ideas. Software sampling certainly isn’t new by any means, nor is it to Logic Pro X, but this technique of quick and immediate sound recycling has now been laced throughout the LPX 10.5 production environment and has a dedicated home with Quick Sampler. Apple’s new instant sampling plug-in reinvents the best of what’s already on offer in the marketplace, makes intelligent use of its world-class audio pitch/timing manipulation technology, and wraps it all up in an incredibly intuitive package.