Historical Preservation — New Learning Opportunity

I am deep in “historical preservation” mode.

I use Logic. Started with version 10 — I missed a lot of stuff

many amazing things hiding under the covers, but nowhere to be found. No books, no classes, unspoken.

My current path is to visit all of the Sound on Sound magazine Logic articles for version 10 (about 2013 onward). Part of what I hope to discover is how things changed from 9 to 10 (besides the amazing price drop). Once more familiar with what was, go back and peruse Logic 9 techniques, see what’s relevant. Then 8, then 7. Any further back is meh.

I am almost able to tie the Logic/Notator world to the Opcode Vision world in terms of what is actually happening, and what might be possible.

I think the key for me is to think of all of the automation stuff as simply a very capable sequencer that can effect change on audio and MIDI sources over time. That simple. That reproducible.

and to remember that just about everything that Logic can possibly do can be automated. Everything. Instruments, plugins, modify MIDI input, bend MIDI output

to me mixing is like creating a control program to work with “fixed” sources, be they audio files or MIDI sequences.

Mostly the control is a matter of small adjustment made once, un-changing over time. When I grok the change-over-time function then my programmer kicks in. I know how to do that stuff…10,000 hours 8 times over

just need to learn some language specifics