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Have We Stopped Caring About Real Audio? | Production Expert

Have We Stopped Caring About Real Audio? | Production Expert

In this article Julian considers where microphone placement and recording techniques in general have left the original intention of “High Fidelity’?

I come from the world of live performance of music. Baked in. My idea of production is getting a high fidelity recording of a performance.

I need to think about the art part of “artist”.

It’s all about the rendering, isn’t it?

Toggle Hide Group 63 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Toggle Hide Group 63

Change the hide state of group 63. There is no group 63. The maximum group is 32. Maybe in a future release.

Still keeping groups in mind. Possibly use groups during mix and routing setup, then disabling during mixing.

Possibly a combination of a group for every summing stack?

Overview of groups in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can also automate a group. This lets you easily set the change for parameters of a group of channel strips over the course of a project. For example, you may wish to group all of your guitar channel strips together and have all of their relative volumes change at the same time throughout your project. For more information on automation, see Overview of automation in Logic Pro.

Toggle Hide Group 35 — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Toggle Hide Group 35

Some days it is good to have a _softball_ command. The ‘Toggle Hide Group’ commands show or hide channels that belong to a particular group. Very useful. There are only 32 groups, so this command is a _futures_ command.

Group hiding affects both mixer windows and track windows. This is good for keeping things visually oriented.

I usually think of groups as things that want to be edited together, or treat as a _virtual AUX_ that gets parameters adjusted as a unit. I use Track Stacks to treat the audio as a group, so the changing of parameter in sync isn’t a typical use case for me.

If I consider groups as logical collections of tracks (instruments, voices) that might want to be treated as a whole I can make groups cross Track Stacks. Groups like “Deep Reverb”, “Move position on outro”, “Mute during bridge” or what have you. This could be very useful as a production or mixing tool.

Food for thought.

Time For an Occasional Reminder re: How to Pay For My Books — Whatever

Time For an Occasional Reminder re: How to Pay For My Books — Whatever

Don’t send me money directly for the books I write, actually go ahead and buy them from a bookstore.

John Scalzi on giving him money directly as opposed to through his publisher. I kind of wish I trusted the record labels as much as Mr. Scalzi trusts his publisher.

I think he’s right.

I have made inquiry to record labels asking how to get the most money to the artists, and received replies. In a t least one case the artist work had been “for hire” so it didn’t matter, they got payed to perform.

Support the people and organizations that make the things you love possible. Really.