Customize Toolbar… — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Customize Toolbar…

Open the toolbar customization panel. You can add or remove tools from the toolbar, and create an appropriate set of defaults.

Toolbars are associated with the Main Window. Each Main Window can have its own specific toolbar. I need to work with this on the small screen. Multiple Main Windows? Different Main Windows per screenset? Lots of options.

Control Bar and LCD can be customized in a similar fashion.

Customize the Logic Pro toolbar — Apple Support

The toolbar offers a variety of buttons and other controls for working with regions in the Tracks area, as well as other functions. The default set of buttons provides the most commonly used options for most users. If you find that you need to access particular functions that are not part of the default set, you can customize the toolbar by adding additional controls, or removing existing controls.

Customize the Logic Pro control bar — Apple Support

The control bar offers a default set of buttons and other controls, providing commonly used options. In the center of the control bar is the LCD, which shows the playhead position and the project tempo, key, and time signature.