– Control Surface Install Window — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  - Control Surface Install Window

This is a grouping header in the Key Commands window. First time I have had one come up in my random selection of commands. Kind of amusing, too. There are only two commands contained within the group.

Command    Key Touch Bar
- Control Surface Install Window
Scan for Selected Models
Add Selected Models

Add a control surface to Logic Pro — Apple Support

Some control surfaces such as Mackie Control are detected automatically when you open Logic Pro. You can add other devices that are not detected automatically using the Setup window. Installation is covered in the setup section for your particular device. Some devices may require different or additional steps, but in most cases you only need to select the name of the device you want to use with Logic Pro, then add it. When you add a control surface device, it is represented by an icon in the Device area of the Control Surface Setup window.