Logic Pro | The Virtual Shoebox — Curating Your Ideas in Logic Pro X

Logic Pro | The Virtual Shoebox — Curating Your Ideas in Logic Pro X:

Creating music is not unlike the work researchers do. Carefully hunting for useful tidbits, storing them away as the broader topic develops, and then forming a system to catalogue them for later retrieval. At the top level of the creative process is the generation of fresh ideas. They will most likely begin conception as fragments of ideas based on some aspects of either harmony, melody, some new samples, virtual instruments, or loops. I consider this to be the macro level of ideation. The top level of the pyramid.

I have been using “packages” for my Logic Pro X projects since I started. I remembered too many horror stories of people losing the assets for a project when they move things around. Project alternatives have been my go to device.

I will now re-think using folder-based projects. Copies (versions) of a project can be saved without creating yet another copy of all of the audio files in the project. I still will consolidate audio and make sure all of the assets are stored in the folder.

I can document my project and versions with a simple “option drag” of the Logic project file into my Scrivener binder. There I have the index cards and all of the other reference material that I might want. I still treat it as a giant “ideas” folder, but all of the bits are well contained, and possibly well documented.

Open/Close MIDI Insert 9 Plug-in Window of focused Track — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Open/Close MIDI Insert 9 Plug-in Window of focused Track

This is one of the “suspect commands” for me. How would I know which insert is in slot 9? In Logic Pro X you can only insert 8 MIDI plugins, so the 9-15 commands are bogons (bogus bits/particles).

An audio channel can have 15 inserts, but again, how would I know what is in slot 7 to begin with?

Time to check the predecessors. I can’t find any reference at all pre-Logic Pro X. I did find this…

Open/Close Instrument Plug-In Window of Focused Track:

While everyone is elated about the new addition in SMART TEMPO in Logic X, I am secretly celebrating another hidden feature in 10.4. It is called “Open/Close Instrument Plug-In Window of Focused Track”. Logic users have been asking for this particular feature for years and now it is here. Let me show and tell you what this does.

I also got to play a bit with using the PX-330 as a GM MIDI module.


KUTX » Valley Maker: “Light On The Ground”

KUTX » Valley Maker: “Light On The Ground”:

Like it or not, SXSW is officially in full swing! Joining the thousands of musicians making their annual pilgrimage is Seattle singer-songwriter Austin Crane, best known as Valley Maker. Crane began landscaping Valley Maker’s indie folk sound with his 2010 self-titled debut that also doubled as his senior thesis project at the University of South Carolina. Crane hurdled over creative crests and came out on top with 2015’s When I Was A Child. Most recently he went deeper into the sonic canyon with 2018’s Rhododendron, an album engrained in nature and Crane’s most cohesive record to date.

Two good ones in one day. I like it when SXSW is happening.

In the past I actually downloaded the thousands of tracks that were submitted. Have no idea why. Better to let the taste-makers shape my ears.

I would expect to hear this on Radio Paradise someday.

Web MIDI API Example

Web MIDI API Example:

OK. Chrome can work with MIDI devices (and Electron apps as well — like Slack)

The example will work, sort of, by showing you the MIDI data from a device. I didn’t plug in a device, appeared not to work.

I tried this demo https://webaudiodemos.appspot.com/midi-synth/ to see if this worked. Noticed menu-like bit for MIDI-IN, chose a MIDI device, pressed notes, it worked.

Back to the original example. This now shows data.