5 Common Vocal Mixing Issues Nectar 3 Solves

5 Common Vocal Mixing Issues Nectar 3 Solves:

While every performance has its own quirks, there are certain issues that almost always crop up in mixing sessions, like masking of the vocal with other instruments. For this reason we designed Nectar 3, the latest version of our vocal mixing suite, with assistive audio features to solve common problems by using your creative input. Let’s look at five scenarios:

The Power of the Pre-Chorus

The Power of the Pre-Chorus:

The pre-chorus is arguably the most overlooked and underrated section of popular song structures. Having been established somewhere in the 1960s, the pre-chorus is a relatively young concept that has truly elevated the art and science of songwriting. The power of the pre-chorus can be seen in several important functions in a song structure, ultimately transforming a couple of musical passages into a fully realized song.