Select Members of Group 20 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Select Members of Group 20

Select all of the channels in group 20. I really need to thing about very large projects. I have a hard time imagining the need for that many groups.

Overview of groups in Logic Pro — Apple Support

The Logic Pro mixer also supports a special kind of channel strip group designed specifically for submixing the volume of multiple channel strips routed to different outputs, called a VCA group. See Use VCA groups in Logic Pro.

Export All Tracks as Audio Files… ⇧⌘E — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Export All Tracks as Audio Files… ⇧⌘E

Create audio files of all tracks. Software instruments get converted to audio. External MIDI instrument tracks wind up with empty audio.

Export tracks as audio files in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can export one or more selected tracks as audio files, or export all tracks (all audio, software instrument, and Drummer tracks) in a project as audio files—one file per track. When you export tracks as audio files, you can specify the naming of the audio files using filename elements.

Paste Group Settings — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Paste Group Settings

Pastes the copied group settings into the current group. The command is available in the Group Inspector. Quick way to make multiple groups have similar (non-default) settings. Easier than checking a lot of items.

There is no specific documentation for the Copy/Paste Group Settings commands.

Group editing in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Group editing allows you to perform many editing, arrangement and timing operations on all group member tracks simultaneously. For example, you can combine the comping feature with group editing so that every comp uses the same takes. You can move, resize, and arrange regions for all group member tracks together. You can also adjust the timing of the group, ensuring the group remains in time.

Bypass All Effect Plug-ins — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Bypass All Effect Plug-ins

Bypassing plug-ins is a tedious and difficult process. In earlier versions of Logic you would accomplish this by clicking and dragging in the mixer window. Very error prone, and you lose “state”.

The new way — using this command — turns off all of the plug-ins that are on, and remembers the state. The command is a toggle. First time it is issued plug-ins are turned off. Next time it is issued plug-ins are turned back on.

This only affects channels that are selected.

The next enhancement (please) would be to gain match the output of the channel. Level is the same with plug-ins engaged and when they are off. Fair comparison. This would preclude using a Gain plug-in to increase the levels.

Add, remove, move, and copy plug-ins in Logic Pro — Apple Support

If you want to deactivate a plug-in, but don’t want to remove it from the channel strip, you can bypass it. Bypassed plug-ins don’t drain system resources.