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Set Next Tool or Edit Mode ⌥⇟ — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Set Next Tool or Edit Mode    ⌥⇟

I only know about a few tools, the ones I use. Pointer, Marquee, Pencil (rarely), Eraser (rarely).

I should become familiar with them all, and understand where they help the workflow.

For now I am assigning the command-click tool to be ‘Solo’ since I have automatic Marquee tool set for lower half of regions. Remarkably handy.

Common Logic Pro tools — Apple Support

The following section describes common tools available in the Tracks area and in other working areas.

Set Division Value to 1/128 Note — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Set Division Value to 1/128 Note

Set the beat division to a 1/128th note.

Set the time signature of a Logic Pro project — Apple Support

The division value defines the division in all position displays (such as in the editors), and forms the grid for various length and placement operations. The division value is normally set to 1/16 notes, but can range in value from 1/4 to 1/192 notes. If the note value of the division is equal to or greater than the bar denominator, the third value of the position display is removed.

Bounce Tracks in Place ⌃⌘B — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Bounce Tracks in Place    ⌃⌘B

Render all tracks to audio files. I like to do this when I finish a mix. I keep the effects plug-ins enabled, but typically leave Volume and Pan automation off…I use the Bounce and Replace version of the command.

If I have summing stacks in place an effective “stem” is created for the members of the stack.

Bounce all tracks in place in a Logic Pro project — Apple Support

You can perform an in-place bounce-and-replace for all audio, software instrument, and Drummer tracks in the Tracks area.

Move File(s) out of project — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Move File(s) out of project

Move files from the project media folders to a different location.

I wondered why this was important, but then remembered that in a project package you can’t manipulate the files in the Finder (easily anyway).

Easy way to move bounces out of the project.

NB the project still knows about the file, and if you share the project with someone it might not have all of the resources necessary to be worked with.

Move audio files used for audio regions in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can move audio files used for audio regions to a new location. This is useful if the audio files are saved in the project, or are referenced outside the project in multiple locations.

Text Tool ⇧T — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Text Tool    ⇧T

Choose the Text Tool. The cursor becomes the I-beam whenever it is located in a place that can accept text. I only find it useful in the Score Editor. In the main window only useful if you have markers that you want to rename, which can be done with a double-click on the marker. I typically don’t rename my regions a lot.

Common Logic Pro tools — Apple Support

Use the Text tool to rename regions and other items, or add text to a score in the Score Editor.