Select Next Pattern Page ⌥` — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Select Next Pattern Page    ⌥`

Moves the next pattern page into the editing window. If a pattern has multiple pages the “next pattern” will cycle.

Sequencers are wonderful experimental playgrounds. I can get lost in them for hours on end.

Pattern creation examples — Apple Support

Edit modes such as Velocity, Note, Octave, and Tie can be useful for creating interesting instrument and melodic patterns.

Show/Hide Gain Reduction Meter — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Show/Hide Gain Reduction Meter

Shows or hides the Gain Reduction meter that appears at the top of the channel strips. The meter is only actively used by built-in Logic plug-ins. Gives a quick view of the amount of gain reduction being applied.

Channel strip controls in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Each channel strip has a set of controls (also called components), which varies according to channel strip type. You can adjust the channel strip volume and pan position, mute and solo channel strips, add and adjust effects, and send the output to auxiliary or output channel strips.

Select Same Subpositions ⇧P — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Select Same Subpositions   ⇧P

With an event selected pressing Shift-P will select all of the events that start at the same position in a bar. If there is only one event at that position the currently selected event is de-selected.

Very useful for editing notes.

Select events in the Logic Pro Event List — Apple Support

Same Subposition (or press Shift-P): Selects events that start at the same position within their respective bars.

Remove Silence from Audio Region… ⌃X — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Remove Silence from Audio Region…    ⌃X

Remove silence from regions of audio files. There’s no sense processing the audio file if it is “silent”. Silence is determined by length of regions below thresholds with “attack” and “release” values.

Remove silent passages in a Logic Pro project — Apple Support

You can remove silent passages from audio regions in the Remove Silence window. The basic process is simple: all amplitude values below a threshold level are removed, and new regions are created from the remaining passages.

Toggle Hide Group 1 ⌃⇧1 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Toggle Hide Group 1    ⌃⇧1

Toggle between showing and hiding the channels and tracks in group 1. NB the hiding of tracks is further controlled by the Hide button. When the Hide button is disengaged (green) tracks will not be hidden. The Hide checkbox on the track will be enabled or disabled as appropriate.

Hiding channels in the mixer windows can definitely help keep things from being confusing.

Hide tracks in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can hide and unhide tracks using the menu commands in the Track menu (Hide Track, Unhide All Tracks, and Show Hidden Tracks), or using key commands. The first time you hide a track, you use the key command, after which the Hide button appears above the track headers.