The Marquee Tool — Logic Pro X

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I keep trying to use the marquee tool to make things easier. I keep forgetting.

Watched this video — 6 Reasons to Use the Marquee Tool — made some notes.

My notes follow — better to read the article that accompanies the video.

2018-12-21 — watch

Make selection of region or file

Marquee at bottom of region — Set Marquee tool for command-click

Use to remove chunks of empty space as opposed to Strip Silence — highlight, press DEL

Split Region — double click on region at proper location for split

Select region and press play!

Create new track, highlight region, option-drag to new track

Click on automation line gives 4 nodes for simple drag

Selection-based processing — use marquee as opposed to ‘Split Region’ (cmd-T) on either end of the section of the region