The Intangibles Of A Mix — Bobby Owsinski’s Music Production Blog

The Intangibles Of A Mix — Bobby Owsinski’s Music Production Blog

It’s easy to think that getting a good mix is just a matter of pushing up some faders, getting a reasonable balance, adding some effects, and you’re finished. Although that might work for a rough mix, there are still a number of intangibles that are vitally important to a great mix. Awareness is always the first step in learning, so here are some things to consider before you start to move faders around.

The Power of the Pre-Chorus

The Power of the Pre-Chorus:

The pre-chorus is arguably the most overlooked and underrated section of popular song structures. Having been established somewhere in the 1960s, the pre-chorus is a relatively young concept that has truly elevated the art and science of songwriting. The power of the pre-chorus can be seen in several important functions in a song structure, ultimately transforming a couple of musical passages into a fully realized song.

6 Practical Ways to Use RX 7 for Music Production

6 Practical Ways to Use RX 7 for Music Production:

RX is used by sound designers, those in film post-production, and dialogue editing the world over. With RX 7 offering the ability to isolate vocals from songs and automatically detect noise in samples, it’s moved into the hands of creative producers too.

Today I’m sharing six of my favourite RX 7 tricks for music production, along with audio examples for evidence. I suggest using a pair of headphones to listen.

Vocal Chopping & Pitching — Attack Magazine

Vocal Chopping & Pitching — Attack Magazine:

Over the last couple of decades, samplers and digital editing techniques have blurred the lines between vocal tracks and instrumentals. Dance music producers have explored numerous ways to create vocal-led tracks without ever going near a microphone. They’ve even, in the case of producers like Todd Edwards and MK, developed ways to use vocal samples as instruments in their own right. In this walkthrough we’ll look at some of the best ways to cut and transpose vocals in your DAW in order to make them fit into your tracks. So grab some acapellas and let’s get started.