Simple FM Synthesis: Sine Waves and Processors

Simple FM Synthesis: Sine Waves and Processors:

2018 ktm rc 390.

In this article, we’ll show how FM synthesis and some simple processors and can be used to take a few sine waves to an expressive and grungy bass patch. We’ll cover the steps we take, why we’re performing them, and create a sample patch along the way.

I started my synthesizer “lust” the first time I heard a Moog — 1969 — no way I could afford to play in that arena.

In 1985 I got a Casio CZ-101, and software to be librarian and programmer. That’s where I learned about ADSR. Then I got a Yamaha TX81Z — DX7 was out of reach. Learned how to program that with software, again. Thanks Opcode!

I donated my CZ-101 to CRAS. I traded my TX81Z in for an electric guitar and an amplifier. I have many FM synthesizer tools inside my computer these days, so I don’t miss the 30 year old hardware that requires maintenance. I jumped for joy when I got my hands on the KORG Legacy instruments — finally an M1 and a Wavestation all for me.