Show Tracks View only ⌥N — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Show Tracks View only  ⌥N

In the main window. Show the tracks view only. If the Live Loops view is open it is hidden.

Logic Pro Tracks area overview — Apple Support

The Tracks area is where you arrange regions to build your project. The Tracks area, located in the center of the Logic Pro main window, shows a visual representation of time moving from left to right. You build your project by arranging regions in rows, called tracks, that run from the beginning to the end of the Tracks area.

The documentation claims

When you open Logic Pro, the Tracks area appears in the main window. You can also open the Tracks area as a separate window.

I can find no command or reference that would let me open the Tracks area as a separate window.

The closest to that is turning everything off (inspectors, lists, editing, mixer, controls) and locking a screenset with the tracks visible.