Set Punch Locators by Cycle Locators — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Set Punch Locators by Cycle Locators

Set the Punch In and Punch Out locators to the values of the Cycle locators. Sets part of a track to be recorded (during playback) of the Cycle area.

The _magic_ of digital punch-in and punch-out is hard to estimate. Just play the little section over and over again, with a new recording each time, and then _comp_ the parts together? Unheard of…

Punch in and out of audio recordings in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Punch recording is a technique you can use to overwrite a portion of a previously recorded track, during playback, without touching any of the recording before or after that portion. You punch in to interrupt playback and make the recording, then punch out to return to playback mode. You can choose between two punch recording modes: Quick Punch-In mode and Autopunch mode.