Set Left Locator numerically… — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Set Left Locator numerically…

I have tried many ways to get the locators where I want them. Sometimes just entering the numbers from the keyboard is the simplest approach.

I set the locators numerically by double-clicking the locator in the LCD and typing in the bar number I want. I certainly don’t want to eat up control bar space with buttons that select a field in a dialog box. I would rather dedicate some key command to bring up the box.

The entry box does provide a decent way to focus on what you want, and lets you skip the command to set the other locators…

“Current” is the location of the playhead.

Use the cycle area in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can use the cycle area to repeatedly play a particular part of a project. The cycle area can be used for composing, practicing a part before recording, recording multiple takes, and other purposes.