Set Flex Pitch Vibrato Tool — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Set Flex Pitch Vibrato Tool

Set the Flex Pitch tool to Vibrato. Editing of sound recordings is completely out of my experience. I read about it. I hear about it. I have only briefly touched on the topic and how it is accomplished.

I almost exclusively use Flex Pitch to analyze audio in order to create a MIDI region for doubling or replacement. I am beginning to find places where a subtle change to a note can improve a work quite nicely. Hard to do with a stereo recording, but possible. Far easier to do with multi-track recordings.

Bring on the pitchy bass and tenor!

Edit pitch using Flex Pitch in Logic Pro — Apple Support

When working in the Audio Track Editor, the Vibrato tool allows you to edit the vibrato of a note without having to drag the hotspot.