Save As Control Bar and Display Defaults — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Save As Control Bar and Display Defaults

Saves the current control bar and display settings as the default. These settings are saved with a project, so you can revert to these settings by setting the display to default.

Control Bar and Display values can be set differently for every Main Window that is open in any screenset.

Some interesting displays can be created. A tall, narrow window with inspectors and track names?

Customize the Logic Pro control bar — Apple Support

The control bar offers a default set of buttons and other controls, providing commonly used options. In the center of the control bar is the LCD, which shows the playhead position and the project tempo, key, and time signature.

Attach Symbol: Fermata Down — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Attach Symbol: Fermata Down

Adds a fermata above the currently selected note in a score.

Logic Pro part box overview — Apple Support

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can add notes and other symbols from the Part box in the inspector. The Part box contains a complete collection of score symbols, arranged in groups. You can control which symbols are displayed in the Part box, reorder symbol groups, and open the Part box as a separate, floating window.

What Is Frequency-Based Panning? Try It Out With A Free Plugin | Production Expert

What Is Frequency-Based Panning? Try It Out With A Free Plugin | Production Expert

Standard pan controls in DAWs and mixers let us position the signal in the stereo panorama regardless of its frequency content whereas spectral panning gives us the ability to divide the signal into frequency bands and pan these bands individually. In this article, Ufuk Onen explains what spectral panning is, the benefits and how to use it using a free plugin.

MSpectralPan | MeldaProduction

MSpectralPan is a powerful panner, which lets you apply panorama to each frequency individually. It is indespensable for mixing and also provides lots of creative potencial.

Copy Section Between Locators (Selection) — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Copy Section Between Locators (Selection)

Copying a section is clear. The difference between “Selection” and “Global” — the two options for this action — isn’t clear to me yet.

Copying the selection between locators means the selected track or region. Copying global copies everything on all tracks. Subsequent paste commands can be used to see the difference.

Add or remove gaps in a Logic Pro arrangement — Apple Support

Choose Edit > Cut/Insert Time > Copy Section Between Locators (or use the Copy Section Between Locators (Global) key command).