Records of the Year: An Analysis of the 2021 GRAMMY® Nominees

Records of the Year: An Analysis of the 2021 GRAMMY® Nominees

The GRAMMY® awards are on March 14th, and there’s a lot to learn by analyzing some of the records that have been nominated. But where to start? There are so many questions surrounding music production, mixing, and mastering, especially now that streaming services have started to move towards loudness-normalized playback. How loud should I make my master? What tonal balance should I aim for? How high should I set my limiter ceiling? How dynamic should my record be?

iZotope posted a fine article examining the tonal contours of some of the 2021 GRAMMY® awards

Assign Track Color… — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Assign Track Color…

Set the track color to a color selected from the color palette.

Change track colors in a Logic Pro project — Apple Support

By default, track colors reflect the track type. You can change the color of specific tracks, to use color to help visually organize the Tracks area and identify tracks in a large arrangement. Track colors are visible when you configure track header components to show the track color bars.

Logic Pro Live Loops performance and sound design — 9to5Mac

Logic Pro Live Loops performance and sound design — 9to5Mac:

We are checking in today to talk about Live Loops performance, sound design, and composition. The obvious application of Novation’s Launchpad integration with Apple’s Live Loops has to be the ability to trigger various vertical slices of a song project in order to rearrange it or just simply perform and record new versions of the original idea. But it is the more creative side of things we are particularly interested in, taking collections of our musical parts not just to alter the arrangement of the verses and choruses but also to create layered sounds and rhythmic ideas that can result in entirely new song ideas/audio resources. Today’s Logic Pros Live Loops Launchpad Diary is here to explore some of the elements and functionality to best accomodate this kind of creative approach.