Show/Hide Grouping — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Show/Hide Grouping

Shows or hides the Group indicator in the mixer windows. Save some vertical real estate on the mixer channel strips.

Overview of groups in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Prior to mixing, you may find it useful to define some logical channel strip groups. You could, for example, group all drum channel strips under one drum group. This would allow you to control the group meters (volume, pan, mute, solo, sends, and so on) using a single control, while still maintaining the relative parameter values of each channel strip.

Custom Launchpad modes for Logic Pro — 9to5Mac

Custom Launchpad modes for Logic Pro — 9to5Mac:

After exploring some techniques and functionality to bolster performance potential last time around, today we are taking a look at custom Launchpad modes and creating our own bespoke controls for Logic Pro. Continuing our journey towards complete creative hardware dominance over our instruments and tracks in Logic Pro, these custom made templates allow us to quickly and simply throw some widgets around to personalize hardware control over just about every parameter your trackpad can find. Used in combination with Logic Pro’s particularly powerful Learn assignment functionality, Novation’s Components Editor is a simple and effective way of expanding Launchpad hardware control well beyond the factory limitations.

Choosing the Right EQ

Choosing the Right EQ — Nick Messitte, iZotope Contributor

Hang on, aren’t all digital EQs roughly the same?

Some people on the internet will tell you that. They’ll say, “for the most part, digital EQs sound and function the same way.”

by Nick Messitte, iZotope Contributor February 23, 2021

Tres Amigos — Nectar, Neutron, and Ozone.

I never really appreciated the differences in the EQs available in the three tools.

Neutron and Ozone EQs are available as separate plugins. Nectar is only a “mothership” plugin — all of the tools are included in the interface.

Go to Marker Number 15 ⌃5 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Go to Marker Number 15 ⌃5

Move the playhead to the start of marker 15. The ‘Go to Marker n’ commands are mapped to the keypad on an extended keyboard.

I am sure that I can find a better use for the numeric keypad keys 😉

Navigate using markers in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can navigate through your project using markers. This is useful when you want to quickly jump to, and edit, regions or events at a specific position in your project, for example.