Close Track Stack ⌃⌘← — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day (KCotD)

  Close Track Stack    ⌃⌘←

Closes the currently selected track stack. I use summing track stacks to work with “stems”, and to help organize the tracks. When I want to work on a stack I simple select the stack and switch the mixer view to ‘Single’. This places the AUX, all the channels that route to the AUX, and the output path from the AUX (mix, sends, stereo out). Very handy.

Folder stacks (VCA groups) provide a simple visual way to control volume, solo, and mute for the group.

Summing stacks work like sub-mixes with inserts and sends.

Many options.

Create and edit Track Stacks in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can hide the subtracks of a Track Stack to save space in the Tracks area, or show them in order to record or edit. You can add or remove tracks from a Track Stack, and reorder tracks in a Track Stack (reordering tracks doesn’t affect the sound).

Assign To Exclusive Group: 3 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day (KCotD)

  Assign To Exclusive Group: 3

Assign the selected pad to exclusive group 3. There are 8 exclusive groups possible.

Use Logic Pro Drum Machine Designer pad controls — Apple Support

Exclusive Group: Choose a group for the pad. You can assign multiple pads to the same group. As soon as one drum sound in the group is triggered, all other sounds in that same group are stopped. For example, you could group three pads with open, semi-closed, and closed hi-hat sounds. Only one of these sounds can be played at a time, mirroring the behavior of real hi-hats.