Why Start Blogging Again

I read a lot of blogs and news sites.

I find lots of interesting articles, things to learn from.

I am dutifully keeping the important text saved in my working journal.

I need to share my plan of study and work to keep me on my toes.

Stay tuned for a discourse on how to abuse Scrivener as a live notebook.

Is Innovation Dying In DAW Development?

Is Innovation Dying In DAW Development?

Over the years there have been a growing number of Pro Tools users who have felt at some point that Pro Tools has been playing a long game of catch up when it comes to introducing “new” features. When I refer to “new” I mean features that are new to Pro Tools, not innovative new features that haven’t been seen before in other DAWs.

I read a number of blogs as a daily exercise. ProTools Expert is one of them, even though I abandoned ProTools at version 8 (Got Logic Pro X) and never looked back.

I use Studio One (now version 4), Harrison MixBus, and Logic Pro X (with the occasional GarageBand for good measure). I find that I learn *A LOT* about DAWs and recording and mixing when I try to find the similarity between them along with how to do “the same thing”.

I think there’s plenty of innovation left — Cubase, FL Studio, Sonar, LIVE!

It’s all good.