Open MIDI Project Settings… — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Open MIDI Project Settings…

Open the MIDI Project Settings window. You can set the project-specific MIDI values here. The settings here are not ‘General MIDI — GM’ settings.

Some very interesting things which might be of value, like the MIDI Thru settings. Investigate.

General MIDI settings in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Instrument Without MIDI Thru Function pop-up menu: The instrument selected here does not pass events through the computer when the instrument is assigned to the selected track. Normally, you would set the No Output instrument here (chosen by default).

Logic Pro X Plug-Ins: Compressor, Limiter and Other Dynamic Tools — dummies

Logic Pro X Plug-Ins: Compressor, Limiter and Other Dynamic Tools — dummies

Using Logic Pro X to control the dynamics of your overall mix as well as individual instruments is a crucial fundamental of mixing. Logic Pro’s compressor is your main tool for controlling dynamics as well as for effect. Compressors work well on individual sounds, groups of instruments or sounds, and even the entire mix. There are many types of dynamic control, include limiting, multiband compression, de-essing, gating, envelope shaping, side chaining, and parallel compression. Here, you learn how to use the dynamics tools of Logic Pro to create powerful and interesting mixes.

from Graham English — always good to have a short intro to the complex topic of compressors.

11 Creative Sidechain Compression Techniques

11 Creative Sidechain Compression Techniques

My friend and fellow contributor Phillip Nichols has already covered some common applications for sidechain compression. In this article, we’re going to explore some esoteric, creative, and all-around fun uses for the practice. Many of these tactics will involve the use of a dummy track, so let’s define that term quickly:

Nick Messitte wrote this for iZotope in 2018.