Audio Gain, Volume, & Gain Staging — Produce Like A Pro

Audio Gain, Volume, & Gain Staging — Produce Like A Pro:

If audio gain is reserved to describe the input level on a source, then volume is the measurable output level of a signal, after processing. Volume is typically measured in dB SPL and can be boiled down to the loudness we actually hear.

Mixing in your DAW, every track is routed to a stereo channel, or “mix buss.” How loud the output of the mix buss is can be called “volume!”

Well put. Gain/trim = input. Volume = output. Wonder where we put “level”?

I still have to deal with bands who think the right thing to do to get the “sound” right for the wedges and the room (sigh) is to turn up the trim pot. All the faders must be at unity…

I’m really enjoying the things I get to listen to and read from the Produce Like a Pro Academy. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Web MIDI API Example

Web MIDI API Example:

OK. Chrome can work with MIDI devices (and Electron apps as well — like Slack)

The example will work, sort of, by showing you the MIDI data from a device. I didn’t plug in a device, appeared not to work.

I tried this demo to see if this worked. Noticed menu-like bit for MIDI-IN, chose a MIDI device, pressed notes, it worked.

Back to the original example. This now shows data.


Select Project 6 — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Select Project 6

I’m not sure this command actually makes sense in any rational environment. Having multiple projects open at the same time could be useful for copy information, but 6? Not only that — what is Project 6? The sixth project you opened? No. As best as I can tell open projects are listed in the “Window” menu in alphabetical order. Project 6 is the sixth window in the menu.

All the open projects are listed. Projects with windows that are actually visible on the screen have a bullet before the name.

Apparently these commands are holdovers from Logic 8 at which time projects maintained the order in which they were opened. This was how I assumed the commands would work. Not any more.

When the other 19 “Select Project nn” commands show up I will not be documenting them.