What Is Mix Depth? How to Create Front-Back Space

What Is Mix Depth? How to Create Front-Back Space:

A sense of dimension is a key characteristic that separates professional mixes from amateur ones. Most engineers think of dimension in three ways: height, width, and depth. Height is frequency content and width is the stereo field. Depth is the front-to-back space in a mix and is a tricker area to navigate than the previous two.

Whereas some aspects of music production are driven by emotion or technical prowess, principles of depth draw on “real world” phenomena that deal with how sound moves through a space. In this article, we’ll look at how to add depth to a mix with practical tips related to EQ, timbre, reverb, and more.

6 Ways to Use a Low Pass Filter When Mixing

6 Ways to Use a Low Pass Filter When Mixing:

Used with intention, low pass filters can steer wild arrangements toward more polished results and transform one-dimensional sounds into deeper, darker versions. But employed haphazardly, they have the potential to suck the brightness out of a mix and muddy otherwise pleasant audio. Considering this, we put together the following guide: six ways to use a low pass filter when mixing.

Copy Group Settings — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Copy Group Settings

In the “Groups Inspector” window/area. In the gear menu/icon.

Copies the settings for the current group. Helpful to set a number of things for a different group.

Using groups successfully requires an understanding of the “Group Clutch”. Normally when you change something on a channel in a group the entire group gets changed. If you want to make a change to only one channel you engage the clutch “⇧G” (documentation has it wrong”, The clutch is a toggle, so you have to press “⇧G” to dis-engage. Touch bar enabled as well. The touch bar has 8 buttons. Keyboard modifiers apply. Many commands possible…

Groups inspector — Logic Pro X:

You use the Groups inspector to define the behavior of each Mixer group. The Groups inspector appears in the Track inspector when one or more groups have been created, and it can be opened as a floating window as well. It contains the following settings:


Command    Key Touch Bar
- Global Commands
Enable/Disable Groups ⇧G ⌃5⃣
Open Group Settings…
Show/Hide Groups Window ⌥⇧G ⇧6⃣

- Main Window Tracks
Toggle Hide Group 1 ⌃⇧1
Toggle Hide Group 2 ⌃⇧2
Toggle Hide Group 3 ⌃⇧3
Toggle Hide Group 4 ⌃⇧4
Toggle Hide Group 5 ⌃⇧5
Toggle Hide Group 6 ⌃⇧6
Toggle Hide Group 7 ⌃⇧7
Toggle Hide Group 8 ⌃⇧8
Toggle Hide Group 9 ⌃⇧9