Create Group… ⌃G — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Create Group…    ⌃G

From the “Project Audio” section of commands.

Project Audio Browser overview — Logic Pro X:

The Project Audio Browser shows all audio files and regions that have been added to or recorded in your project, whether or not they are used in the Tracks area. Regions shown in the Project Audio Browser that are not used in the Tracks area are indicated in red.

Fascinating. There is an entire world of collecting and arranging audio files for a project. I am entirely used to working with collections of audio files that are used as a set, and should be contained within the project. An entire world of possibilities of creating projects with audio from many sources with no really good reason to copy into a project.

Certainly something to think about. At the minimum cataloging and filing project audio first might make a lot of sense for larger projects with original recorded tracks and processed tracks. Reference tracks?


Be the Bass With These Left Hand Techniques — KeyboardMag

Be the Bass With These Left Hand Techniques — KeyboardMag:

Picture this: You got the gig and you’re excited about the music. You get to your first rehearsal and the bandleader wants you to play “bass” on a couple of things. You panic because you’ve never had to be the bass player and cover your keyboard parts at the same time. I’ve been fortunate to play with some of the baddest bass players on the planet, and all of them have asked me to play bass at one time or another. To help be your own bassist, here are a few examples that will strengthen your hand independence as well as add some spice to your left hand. Always remember that as a keyboardist, you already use your left hand more than you know.

Friday Tips: The Dynamic Brightener for Guitar — PreSonus Blog

Friday Tips: The Dynamic Brightener for Guitar — PreSonus BlogPreSonus Blog:

When you play an acoustic guitar harder, it not only gets louder, but brighter. Dry, electric guitar doesn’t have that quality…by comparison, the electrified sound by itself is somewhat lifeless. But I’m not here to be negative! Let’s look at a solution that can give your dry electric guitar some more acoustic-like qualities.

I will investigate how to do this in Logic Pro X.