The Power of the Pre-Chorus

The Power of the Pre-Chorus:

The pre-chorus is arguably the most overlooked and underrated section of popular song structures. Having been established somewhere in the 1960s, the pre-chorus is a relatively young concept that has truly elevated the art and science of songwriting. The power of the pre-chorus can be seen in several important functions in a song structure, ultimately transforming a couple of musical passages into a fully realized song.

Send All MIDI Mixer Data — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Send All MIDI Mixer Data

Found in the Options menu of the Mixer window(s). Program Change, Volume, Pan, Transposition, etc. If you want to reset a MIDI instrument (external) to the known condition defined in the track data.

This is a lot like an archeological dig. Vast amounts of fine-control mechanisms live inside Logic, all of them hidden further away as time moved forward. I get glimmers of understanding by reading Logic 7 manuals. Hmmm.

The only MIDI device that I currently use or control is my Casio PX-330. Full piano and functions as a GM MIDI device, so I can do all the things I used to do with a SoundCanvas and friends. Lots to explore.


Select Highest Notes ⇧↑ — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Select Highest Notes    ⇧↑

As the command is named. Select the highest note in chords in the region. “Select Lowest Notes” is also available. Probably useful if you are trying to create separate tracks for “instruments” from a chord. I currently don’t see me using this command much.

You can watch the command in action in the Score Editor, or with the Event List open.

Split chords in the Piano Roll Editor — Logic Pro X:

These commands can be used with regions containing chords to separate the top note of each chord (often the melody), or to separate the bottom note of each chord for a bass line. Once selected, the notes can be cut or copied, and pasted into a region on a different track.