How To Use Reverb and Delay in Series for a Spacious Vocal Sound — Audio Issues : Audio Issues

How To Use Reverb and Delay in Series for a Spacious Vocal Sound — Audio Issues : Audio Issues

So I added the delay plug-in after the reverb to add the effect. But that made the reverb too delay-y, so I turned the wet/dry signal to 50/50.

That way some of the reverb came through unaffected to add normal space, while some of the reverb was delayed to add a subtle echo effect.

After adding an EQ to filter out the highs and the lows, the vocal space sat nicely with the rest of the mix.

Thanks to Björgvin Benediktsson for the tip…

Fade Zones no more

I have had “Fade Zones” and “Marquee Zones” turned on for some time. I keep forgetting to make the “right tool” be something other than the Marquee tool — that’s a simple cursor position in the bottom half of the region.

I don’t fade regions often, so taking the entire top half of a region for a particular tool seems like a waste.

The Fade tool can be invoked by simply holding down control and shift (⌃⇧) and dragging the pointer tool across the start/end of a region — or across a region split, the typical place I would need the tool frequently.

Send Used Instruments MIDI Settings — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Send Used Instruments MIDI Settings

Logic will “reset” MIDI settings for instruments that are “used”, as the documentation says, “intelligently”. We can force the transmission of MIDI settings by using this command. Program change, volume, and pan. I sure could have used this kind of command back when I was working with the Orchestra Nova — 8 performers, 8 keyboards, many ROMplers. It was always a challenge to get each device set properly during performances.

Reset Messages preferences — Logic Pro X

These preferences are included for compatibility with older MIDI hardware. For selected controller types, a reset message is sent to all MIDI outputs. This reset message is sent on cycle jumps and when playback begins. However, Logic Pro handles MIDI reset messages automatically and intelligently, so you should generally make sure that all of these options are unselected—which they are, by default.