Show/Hide Transposition Track Only — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Show/Hide Transposition Track Only

Show the Transposition global track.

Show and hide global tracks in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Global tracks can be displayed in the Tracks area and in the time-based editors (including the Audio Track Editor, Piano Roll Editor, and Step Editor). In each window, global tracks appear below the ruler. You can select which global tracks to display, and resize and reorder global tracks. By default, the Arrangement, Marker, Signature, and Tempo tracks are visible when you show the global tracks.

Quantize 1/4 Note — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Quantize 1/4 Note

Set the quantize value to a quarter note. All notes entered will be aligned to quarter note positions on the grid.

Quantize regions in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can quantize regions in the Tracks area by using the Quantize parameter in the Region inspector. Several advanced quantization parameters are also available in the Region inspector for greater control over quantization.

Logic Pro Quantize parameter values — Apple Support

Important: The Quantize parameter is non-destructive. It adjusts the playback positions of notes in MIDI regions when Logic Pro is in playback or record mode. The original positions are kept in the regions, so you can go back to the original timing.