Apply Normalize Region/Cell Gain Again ⌃G — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Apply Normalize Region/Cell Gain Again    ⌃G

I habitually change Region gain on tracks that I mix. My current target is peaks of -12 dB. I don’t change region gain if all of the tracks come from a “live” performance where players are typically self-adjusting. In those cases I work with the faders all set to about -9 dB to start.

Normalize audio regions in the Tracks area — Apple Support

You can normalize the gain of selected regions in the Tracks area, without opening the regions in the Audio Track Editor. The Normalize Region Gain menu command is non-destructive: the original file isn’t altered, so you can return it to its original state.

Select Members of Group 58 — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Select Members of Group 58

There are commands available to select all of the channels in a group. Logic has “group affecting” commands for 64 groups. Reality is that there are currently only 32 groups supported. This is one of the “phantom commands”. Maybe they will come up with an idea for using groups in the step sequencer…

Is it possible that these commands are directed to the other “groups” in the Score Editor, Project Audio, or Sampler (Zone/Group)?

Overview of groups in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can also automate a group. This lets you easily set the change for parameters of a group of channel strips over the course of a project. For example, you may wish to group all of your guitar channel strips together and have all of their relative volumes change at the same time throughout your project. For more information on automation, see Overview of automation in Logic Pro.

Toggle Hide Group 45 — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Toggle Hide Group 45

A command for one of the non-existent groups 33-64.

Groups overview — Logic Pro X

Prior to mixing, you may find it useful to define some logical channel strip groups. You could, for example, group all drum channel strips under one drum group. This would allow you to control the group meters (volume, pan, mute, solo, sends, and so on) using a single control, while still maintaining the relative parameter values of each channel strip.