6 Ways to Use Neutron 3 for Post Production

6 Ways to Use Neutron 3 for Post Production

by Nick Messitte, iZotope Contributor

By now, you’re probably familiar with the ways Neutron 3 can help you in your mixes. This article will demonstrate how Neutron is also a perfect companion during the post production process—mixing sound for film, television, and other viewable media. The tools in Neutron are often transparent in timbre, which is perfect for post production. Let’s dive right into it and show off six tips for using Neutron 3 for post production.

It’s not just for post-production anymore…de-reverb?

Change View — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Change View

Cycle through the view modes, linear, wrapped, and page, of the Score Editor window. The commands are available in the ‘View’ local menu (View Mode), and using the three view mode buttons located in the tool strip/bar at the top of the score window. ‘Page View’ has its own, separate command — control-P.

The typical sizing of the Score Editor window doesn’t have sufficient width to display the view buttons on the tool bar. They are located to the right of the ‘View’ dropdown menu.

View tracks as music notation in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can also change the view using the View > View Mode menu commands in the Score Editor menu bar.

Remix FX performance recording in Logic Pro X 10.5 — 9to5Mac

Remix FX performance recording in Logic Pro X 10.5 — 9to5Mac

Now housed inside Logic Pro X, the Remix FX plug-in brings more than just a few DJ tricks to Apple’s flagship production suite. To some degree overshadowed by the influx of game-changing new tools and technologies that hit Logic Pro X with the 10.5 update, the multi-FX, touch control plug-in rig can be a particularly useful and creative production tool that only enhances new powerhouse additions like Sampler and Live Loops. Below we are exploring its capabilities and how Logic Pro X users can take advantage of the immersive touch-based musical performance surface.

Reactivate Upbeat Event Playback — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Reactivate Upbeat Event Playback

Nothing in the documentation…zip

Closest thing I found was in a Reddit conversation –

– There is a new menu item “Reactivate Upbeat Event Playback” to allow MIDI notes that are ¼ note or less before the start of a region to play, in cases where the left edge of the region has been edited.

but I should have read the release notes — the reddit post is the release notes.

The command is in the contextual MIDI menu in the tracks area. If you modify a MIDI region the command becomes active.

My assumption is that if I modify a region causing an upbeat event to be “removed” this command will cause the region to include the upbeat if it is there.


5 Ear Training Exercises to Listen Like a Mastering Engineer

5 Ear Training Exercises to Listen Like a Mastering Engineer

by Ian Stewart, iZotope Contributor August 12, 2020

When you think of the most important tool in a mastering engineer’s arsenal, what comes to mind? An equalizer? A compressor? Top-notch conversion, monitoring, or room acoustics? These are all certainly very important, but without a great set of ears behind them, they’re virtually worthless.

But in truth, your ears are only really one part of the story. They turn sound vibrations in the air into neurological signals, but it’s your brain that does the real hearing. Luckily, our brains are great at learning and adapting, so here are five ear (and brain) training tips to help you listen like a mastering engineer.