Selection -> Region ⇟ — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Selection -> Region ⇟

Redefines the length of the region.

Select audio in the Audio File Editor in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Define the selected area using a region

In Logic Pro, select a region in the Browser or main window, then choose Edit > Region → Selection.

This function is useful if you want to reselect the entire region for cycled playback—after performing a number of edits, for example.

The reverse can also be done, allowing you to redefine the length of an existing region by choosing Edit > Selection → Region.

You can modify selections by changing their start or end point, or you can move the entire selected area completely.

Note: If you choose Edit > Snap Edits to Zero Crossings, any length adjustments to audio region start or end points snap to the nearest zero-crossing point of the waveform.

Ties: default — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Ties: default

Set the direction of note ties to the default for the current score.

Change the direction of ties in the Score Editor in Logic Pro — Apple Support

By default, the tie direction is set as part of the staff style for the track (or region). You can manually change the direction of ties for individual notes to improve readability.

Overview of score sets in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can use score sets to control which software instrument tracks appear in the score. Each project can contain as many score sets as needed. Score sets let you:

Refresh Freeze Files — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Refresh Freeze Files

Create fresh copies of “frozen” tracks. All tracks that are frozen get re-processed. The operation cannot be cancelled!

Freeze tracks in Logic Pro — Apple Support

When Enable Complete Features is selected in Logic Pro > Preferences > Advanced, you can freeze a track, reducing the processing power needed for playback. This reduces its processor usage to that of a high-resolution audio track with no effects plug-ins, regardless of the number or complexity of the plug-ins actually used on the track. Freezing is particularly useful for software instrument tracks and for audio tracks that use complex effects. It is not available for multi-output software instruments.

Select Members of Group 25 — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Select Members of Group 25

Selects all of the channels that are part of group 25. I need to have the Groups window open to see the names (hints) of what group 25 might be.

Edit group membership in Logic Pro — Apple Support

You can add a channel strip to, or remove a channel strip from, single or multiple groups. You can also temporarily disable all group parameter links—applying a Group Clutch—to change the volume of an individual channel strip, for example.