Note “A” H — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day (KCotD)

  Note “A”    H

Play the note A in the current octave. The Musical Typing keyboard needs to be open and a Software Instrument or External MIDI track needs to be selected.

Use step input recording in Logic Pro — Apple Support

Step input allows you to insert MIDI notes when you’re not recording in real time. You can use step input to create note runs that may be too fast for you to play or to replicate sheet music that’s too difficult for you to play.

- Step Input Keyboard
Note “C” A
Note “C#” W
Note “D” S
Note “D#” E
Note “E” D
Note “F” F
Note “F#”
Note “G” G
Note “G#” Y
Note “A” H
Note “A#” U
Note “B” J