Normalize Region Gain… ⌃⌥G — Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

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  Normalize Region Gain… ⌃⌥G

I use this almost every time I start working on a mix. I simply set peak for all regions to -12 to -9 dB and mix from there. I run into audio files that have been normalized before being sent — peaks at 0.0 dB — that don’t work with the non-destructive “Normalize Region Gain…”. In these cases I will open the track in the Audio File editor and change the gain to peak at -0.01 dB. Once this is changed the non-destructive gain change will work.

If all tracks are recorded live at the same time I expect that the relationship between tracks is intentional, so I won’t normalize the regions. In these cases I will put a Gain plugin at the front of the channel strip on every track and reduce level as needed.

First pass (or two) on a mix is to pull the master fader all the way down and play the tracks. Each channel meter will indicate peaks. I use this silent measurement to help me not have to worry about clipping at the mix bus or output channel.

Quick, easy, gives me a sonic level “map” of the tracks.

Normalize audio regions in the Tracks area — Logic Pro X

You can normalize the gain of selected regions in the Tracks area, without opening the regions in the Audio Track Editor. The Normalize Region Gain menu command is non-destructive: the original file isn’t altered, so you can return it to its original state.