Move Region to Recorded Position ⌥⇧⌘R — Logic Pro keyboard command of the day (KCotD)

  Move Region to Recorded Position    ⌥⇧⌘R

Simple in concept. If I have moved a region on a track, and I want it to be placed back at the original point, move to recorded position seems perfect.

I was surprised with my test case, a song that was extracted from an hour-long set. I created regions for the tracks and exported the audio to work in a smaller project. When I sliced out a region, moved it, and tried to move it back I got a warning that the project had different time. Logic offered to offset time so I could place the audio at 1:43:10. This is actually useful if I want to refer back to the original full set recording.

Move regions in the Logic Pro Tracks area — Apple Support

This command only works for timestamped audio files, such as those recorded in the current project, and imported Broadcast Wave or SDII files. Timestamped files are indicated by a clock symbol in the Project Audio Browser.